Review – Is Amazon Kindle Basic Worth It?

In 2014, Amazon released its most luxurious e-reader (the Kindle Voyage), but it also provided an option for frugal customers – the basic Kindle or just the Kindle as others would call it. Both belong to the Kindle’s 7th generation line of e-readers, and both comes with touch screen as well as very similar if not identical user interface.


Basic Kindle under the sun

What else can you expect from this low-cost Kindle? Let’s take a look!

Kindle Basic
Screen Size6"
Screen TypeE-Ink (16 grayscale levels)
Screen Resolution800 x 600 (167 ppi)
4 GB (3GB)
Can hold 1,600 eBooks
Weight6.7 oz (191 g)
Dimension6.7" x 4.7" x 0.40"
Battery Life**4 weeks
Parental ControlYes
Page TurnsTouchscreen
AudioNONE - No Audio Output or Speaker or Media Player
CameraNONE - But has Photo Viewer to view image
Image FormatJPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion
Text Format
Support (native)
Kindle (azw3, azw), Adobe PDF (pdf),
Plain text (txt), Mobipocket (mobi, prc)
Other Formats
(through conversion)
HTML pages (html), Microsoft Word (doc, docx)
Available ColorsBlack (No other color option)
ConnectivityWi-Fi only
SeriesKindle e-reader - 7th Generation
Release DateOctober 2, 2014
*The usable storage is stated inside the bracket. It can hold up to 1,600 Kindle books, based on our own findings of the typical file size of an eBook.
**Battery life is based on half an hour use per day with wireless off.


What does Basic Kindle Glare-Free E-Reader Offer?


  • Processor – The basic Kindle has a faster processor than the old Kindle Touch. You can use smart look ups or dictionary without much lagging.
  • Memory – The memory of this Kindle e-reader is twice as much as the previous Kindle edition. Amazon has sized it up from 2 GB internal memory of the previous models to 4 GB! Read here for our estimation of how many eBooks the Kindle can hold.
  • Battery life – You can enjoy about 4 weeks of reading in this Kindle based on a 30-minute per day use with Wi-Fi turned off.
  • Weight – You can hold this for hours and won’t easily get tired. It only weighs 6.7 oz, as light as a softball! 
  • Price – This is the cheapest touchscreen Kindle e-reader out there in the market. 


  • No Front light – This entry-level Kindle has no front light. This means you can’t read without a source of illumination. And you can’t use this in bed, at night with your lights off. If you are a nocturnal reader, go for the Kindle Paperwhite with front-light build-in instead. 
  • Bulky look – This looks a little thick and bulky although it is really not heavy at all. The angled edges are absent here so at a glance you’ll think it’s bulky. But then again, looks can be deceiving. 
  • No Side Buttons – If you’ve grown attached with the side buttons, we’re sorry to say that this Kindle has none of them. This is touchscreen and definitely everything should be done on its screen. Flipping through pages would take a little thumb or finger lifting. The touchscreen feature also means accidental page turns (Amazon customer review on this issue) if you are not accustomed to using it or if your thumb is big and shaky. 
  • No ePub support – All the current Kindle e-readers don’t support ePub file formats so your ePub content won’t work here. You can only read these content via conversion to Kindle format but that’s inconvenient.
  • Doesn’t support TTS –  All the current Kindle e-readers have no audio. Features like playing MP3 and audibles as well as text-to-speech are simply unavailable in this Kindle.  
  • No SD Card slot – Still this memory is non-expandable but you can already do a lot with its 4 GB internal memory.
  • No AC adapter – This is not a deal breaker if you already have an adapter at home. Otherwise, you have to pay extra and get an adapter. But if you don’t want, you can still use the USB cable that comes in the box and charge your Kindle with your computer. It takes around 4 hours for a full battery charge. 
  • Pay extra to remove ads – Like other current Kindle e-ereaders, you have to pay extra to remove ads. Some people don’t mind these ads (Amazon customer review on this) though as they can also benefit from what the ads promote. For example, you can discover new titles and authors you see from the ads and add to your collection.


Who can Benefit from Basic Kindle Glare-Free E-Reader?

  • Young readers – Young learners (such as the son of this Amazon customer) can use the vocabulary builder and Kindle FreeTime Unlimited to read more and improve their comprehension skill. 
  • Avid readers who adore E Ink technology – Using the Kindle e-reader is like reading a paperback book because of it’s E Ink screen. Unlike LCD screen, the Kindle’s E Ink screen has nearly no glare allowing you to read eBooks on a train or on the road in broad daylight.
  • Commuters – People who spent long hours commute to their work place or school regularly can also benefit from the Kindle as they can use that time wisely by reading their favorite eBooks.  
  • Travelers – People on the go can take this lightweight e-reader anywhere and relax through reading after long hours of walking, hiking or taking photos. After you feed your eyes from the beautiful places you’ve traveled, feed your mind by an eBook from your Kindle.
  • Novel reviewers/ critics – Unlike using a tablet where you might be tempted to watch videos or play games from time to time, you won’t have such distraction when you use the Kindle e-reader. You can focus on reading your eBooks and sharing your reviews (e.g. using the Goodreads). There is also a wide selection of books from Amazon for you to read. 
  • Students – Kindles will definitely be a part of classrooms in the future. Teachers and students can use this e-reader during classes especially for reviewing or discussing novels or journals. They no longer need to carry heavy books or notebooks. 


Why Should You Pick the Basic Kindle Glare-Free?

The best thing about this e-reader is that it has a very competitive price but it is not substandard. It’s got some limitations but it’s already a good value entry-level e-reader. It will be a cost-effective gift that any bookworm will be delighted to receive. Its user-friendly interface makes it a good present even for children and grandparents.


How can the Basic Kindle Glare-Free Make Your Life Better? 

The Kindle Touch Screen makes electronic reading favorable for your senses. Because it employs E Ink Pearl technology (thus anti-glare screen and consumes very low power), using it even in long hours won’t easily stress your eyes. There’re also some additional reasons for some people to choose this Kindle over other models. For details, please have a look at this Amazon customer review.

Reading, as we know, is a good exercise for our brain muscles. So reading with the Kindle is definitely good for brain training. However, this isn’t just good for your mind, but also your body. It lessens the stress from carrying a lot of stuff in your hand or in your bag. Imagine, having with you lots of books with the freedom to change your book choice at a snap of a finger? With the Kindle, you no longer have to endure the weight of the physical books you used to carry with you before.

Books indeed can be a starting point for self-improvement. The key is to choose the “right” books.

You can always include significant reads like spiritual books; books about health; about work and life balance; books about socializing. You can always read books that encourage you to try new things like How to DIY (sink repair for example), or books that encourage you to travel more.

Read books to open up your eyes in the possibilities of doing brand new things to and for the people you interact with everyday. And remember to share what you’ve learned too!


A Parting Note: Read and share what you have read. After all, life’s all about sharing – passing ideas from one person to another.


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