Review – Is the Fire HD Kids Edition Worth It?

Finally, a solution for your kids to leave your tablets alone – the Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet. This is not a toy but a real tablet made particularly for your kids! Let’s see what it stores for your kids.

Fire HD Kids Edition (front)

Fire HD Kids Edition (front)


What does the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet offer?


  • Kid-Proof Cases – The Fire HD Kids come in different cool, kid-friendly colored cases. These provide high protection in case your kids accidentally drop their tablets at play.
  • Durability – Amazon built this Fire tablet even for the toughest kids. You can have peace of mind that it won’t break in the hands of your kids or if so, you are guaranteed to have a replacement, within the first two years.
  • Includes One Year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited – Kids can have UNLIMITED access to books and other applications in Amazon for a year without additional costs. Learn more about the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited here.
  • Parental Control – The parental control in this tablet is the best-in-class because the tablet is meant to be used by kids. Parents can create separate profiles for each of their kids and also personalize screen time limits, learning goals and pick age-appropriate contents. 


  • Some features need to be set-up first before you can use them – The camera and other features can be accessed in kids mode if you set it up.
  • Too good, can be addicting – This can always be a disadvantage of a fun gadget. So it’s the parents sole responsibility to monitor their children. Setting the time limit for the tablet’s use is also very important.  
  • The interface is not kid-friendly – Some users claim that the interface of this kids edition tablet is not pretty adequate for young children’s use. The option to go back to where you previously visited is a little complicated too. 
  • Not enjoyable for bigger kids – Some users also say that this tablet is not enjoyable for bigger kids because it’s a little too easy for them. This may be good for youngsters but not for 8 year old or so kids. 
  • Setting up for parents can be quite a task – It takes a while to finish setting up mainly because you have to switch back and forth from your account to your kid’s and vice versa. You have to check what you’ve installed and go to your kid’s profile and sometimes it takes a while to load. And then you have to go back again to your parental account to modify something. You have to do this with PIN so it’s really quite a task.


Who can benefit from the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet?

Some parents become skeptical when hearing kids use technology. There are many rising concerns like eyesight damage, addiction, access to pornographic/ violent / inappropriate contents and worse others. But if you look at the bright side, this technology can be innovative and facilitate your kids learning process. After all, it’s equipped and designed to suit the needs of children and address the concerns of the parents via the built-in parental control. 

  • Kids – Fairly obviously, kids can benefit from this tablet especially 4-6 year old youngsters.


Why should you pick the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet?

Some people doubt whether to let their kids use gadgets or not. But these gadgets are actually proven to be really effective in interactive learning as children can see, hear and engage in whatever it is they are learning. Gadgets like this can really help them not only in playing but in developing their creative and critical side by listening to music, learning new children’s song, solving puzzles or board games, engaging in paint or photography, etc. You should pick this tablet for your kid’s educational needs. 


How can the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet make your life better?

For parents, in a way, having this tablet is like having a tutor for your children. The way you select contents for your kid’s learning, and add learning goals can play big in achieving your goal to help your kid’s learning. With the Fire HD Kids Edition, you need not worry about what your children is accessing in their tablet because you know what you’ve set up for them. Imagine how proud of a parent you could be when you hear your three year old sing some songs he or she learned from the tablet or recite a poem or the alphabet? This tablet can definitely help your kids do their school tasks, extend their learning outside the classroom or even prepare them for the competitive atmosphere of schooling.


A Parting NoteGive what is best for you child. Give something that can help them grow as a productive individual.



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