Kindle Voyage – Which Model & Accessories to Buy?

There are quite a few options when it comes to purchasing Amazon’s Kindle Voyage, and it may take some time to decide which model is right for you. This article offers a complete set of guidelines for purchasing your Kindle Voyage.

First, navigate to the Kindle Voyage sales page: Beneath the Add to Cart button on the right hand side of the page, you will find a list of recommended accessories. We’ll talk about those in a minute. First, let’s talk about the special offers.

Kindle Voyage and accessories

Kindle Voyage and accessories



Kindle Voyage – With or Without Special Offers

The e-reader will come with one of the following options: With Special Offers, which allows advertisements on your Kindle, or Without Special Offers, which prevents Amazon from showing advertisements on your Kindle. The second option is of course more expensive.

Before you pay a fee to prevent advertisements from interrupting your Kindle experience, consider this: ads only show up on the lock screen and the bottom of the home screen. You will never see ads while you are reading. These ads don’t make much of a difference in your Kindle experience, and you can save some money by selecting With Special Offers.

The advertisements from Amazon may include:

  • Kindle Daily Deals. Amazon offers Kindle books at discounted prices.
  • Other Amazon merchandise such as chargers, cover, screen protectors, Amazon Instant Video, etc. You might find good deals on things you’re interested in.

We also recommend this option because we found that many of the special offer screen savers make more attractive lock screens.

Furthermore, if you initially accept these ads and later decide you want them removed, simply pay the the difference between the two options and Amazon will cancel the ads for you.

But if you have a tendency to purchase things on impulse and later regret it, we recommend choosing Without Special Offers and avoiding the temptation to shop altogether.


Kindle Voyage – Wi-Fi Only or Wi-Fi + Free 3G

If you are willing to pay more and choose the Wi-Fi + Free 3G model, you can receive 3G service without a monthly subscription. This is a convenient option if you often find yourself in areas with no Wi-Fi. Unlike the Fire tablet’s 4G service, which requires the user to subscribe to a carrier, the Kindle Voyage’s 3G service does not require monthly payments.

If you’re interested in downloading Kindle books, browsing Amazon, and accessing Wikipedia on the go, this is a great option. 3G’s wireless coverage in over 100 countries and territories allows you to download books any time, anywhere.

On the other hand, if you have Wi-Fi at home and you can access to Wi-Fi network whenever you want to download books from Amazon, then you can just go for the Wi-Fi only option.

If you can’t decide on this, you can read our comprehensive guide here, on whether to get the 3G or WiFi only model for your Kindle e-Reader.  


What Accessories Do You Need?

The only accessory included with the Kindle Voyage is a USB 2.0 charging cable. If you already have a 5W power adapter with a USB port or you have a computer with USB port at home, that is fine.  Otherwise, you need to buy a power adapter.  Amazon offers quite a few optional accessories you might want to consider.


The following accessories are optional:



The Origami Leather Cover for Kindle Voyage, which is regarded as the standard cover, comes in black, blue, and red. Another option is the Limited Edition Premium Leather Origami Cover which is more expensive. This cover is made from premium leather with a rugged patina and a smooth finish.

Both covers can stand in portrait orientation for hands-free reading, and they are magnetic for easy removal. They also include an automatic wake and sleep function, which saves battery life. The real difference is in the quality; the leather of the Limited Edition wears as it ages, which gives each cover a unique and individual look.

Both covers flip open at the top, and some Kindle owners found this feature to be a hassle because it doesn’t allow the Kindle cover to be opened like a book. If you consider this to be an important feature, these covers may not be for you.

We do recommend purchasing a cover to protect your Kindle from scratches, spills and falls. The Limited Edition is the highest quality cover available, but if you are looking for a more budget-friendly cover, the standard cover is also a good option.  


2-Year Warranty and Accident Protection Plan

Your Kindle comes with a 1-year protection plan which does not cover accidental breakage. The two- year warranty by SquareTrade covers both mechanical and electrical problems in addition to accidental breakage.

The plan begins the day your Kindle is shipped. If an accident occurs and your Kindle breaks, you can get a replacement device. You can cancel the plan at any time, and if you cancel within the first 90 days, you will receive a full refund. After the 90-day window has passed you can still get a pro-rated refund, provided you haven’t requested a replacement Kindle.

If you buy a good cover, the accident protection plan is probably not necessary. However, accidents do happen, so purchasing a protection plan can offer peace of mind, especially if you have kids or pets in your house.

If you can’t make up your mind yet, you can read our comprehensive guide here: Should you get the additional warranty for your Kindle e-reader.


Power Adapter

The official Amazon 5W/1A adapter functions in the US, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, and Japan. If you have already have a compatible adapter at home or you plan on charging your Kindle on a computer via USB, there is no need to purchase this adapter.

However, if you don’t always have a computer handy to charge your Kindle, consider the Amazon Kindle 9W PowerFast Adapter instead. It’s of similar price, but it charges devices even faster.

In case you’ll travel to places like Europe, China, etc., consider paying extra for this 9W international charging kit. The kit is for charging in over 200 countries.  


Travelon Anti-Theft Urban North South Messenger Bag

This bag by Travelon has a locking compartment for protecting your Voyage from theft. The bag is sturdy and will hold up to the roughness of everyday life. The shoulder strap is large and comfortable.  You can use it like a purse/computer (carry-on) bag packed with your Voyage, tablet, mobile phone, wallet, etc. But the padded part of the strap of this bag is not adjustable and thus may not be ideal for tall people who let the strap out.

This bag will be useful if you need to carry your Kindle outside of your home from time to time, and you like the style and the security protection provided by this bag.  But if you already have a bag or a cover for your Kindle, you may not need this one.


The following accessory is not recommended:


Kindle Voyage Screen Protector – NuPro

This non-glare screen protector has received some negative reviews on Amazon based on the fact that it doesn’t effectively prevent bubbling. Some users resort to the credit card trick to get the bubbles out, but this can result in damage to the screen.

We have deemed this accessory unnecessary because the Kindle’s screen is already non-glare, so it will not smudge like most tablet and smartphone screens. If you already have a case, you don’t really need a screen protector.


You can find more choices of accessories here:


We hope this article has been a helpful guide to making wise choices during your Kindle Voyage purchase. If you know someone who is considering a Kindle, share it with them!


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