Kindle Fire HDX 7 vs Fire HD 6 and HD 7 Comparison

Amazon released the 7″ screen Kindle Fire HDX in 2013 (the 3rd generation Fire Tablet), and the 6″ screen Fire HD 6 and 7″ screen Fire HD 7 in 2014 (both are the 4th generation Fire Tablets). Though the former is an older model, it has a more powerful processor and higher resolution screen. In spite of the cost difference, each of the three Fire devices have advantages over one another and thus favor particular users.

Kindle Fire HDX 7 Landscape

Kindle Fire HDX 7 running the Bible for Kids app


Differences between Kindle Fire HDX, Fire HD 7, and Fire HD 6

To lead the way, here’s a table of the specification difference between the Fire HD and HDX tablets:

SpecsKindle Fire HDX 7"Fire HD 7"Fire HD 6"
Screen Size7"7"6"
Pixel Density323 ppi216 ppi252 ppi
Resolution1,920 x 1,2001,280 x 800
Color*BlackBlack, White, Cobalt, Magenta, Citron
ProcessorQuad-core 2.2 GHz
Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
Quad-core up to 1.5 GHz
MediaTek MT8135
GPUQualcomm Adreno 330PowerVR G6200
Storage*16 GB (10.9 GB available)
32 GB (25.1 GB available)
64 GB (53.7 GB available)
8 GB (4.5 GB available)
16 GB (11.6 GB available)
CamerasFront facing HD CameraFront-facing VGA camera +
2 MP rear-facing camera
Wi-FiDual-band, dual-antenna
802.11 a/b/g/n
802.11 b/g/n
4G4G LTE (Optional)N/A
Battery Life**Up to 11 hoursUp to 8 hours
Release DateOctober 1, 2013October 1, 2014
AudioDolby Digital Plus
Dual Stereo Speakers
Dolby Digital Plus
Mono Speaker
Dimension7.3" x 5.0" x 0.35"7.5" x 5.0" x 0.4"6.7" x 4.1" x 0.4"
WeightWi-Fi: 303 grams (10.7 oz)
4G: 311 grams (11 oz)
337 grams (11.9 oz)290 grams (10.1 oz)
*Some color and storage options may not be available
**Based on reading, surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, and listening to music. Battery life will vary based on device settings, usage, and other factors such as web browsing and downloading content. Actual results may vary.


Even at first glance, you can tell that the Fire HDX has more to offer, its superior features justify its added cost. However, the Fire HD 6 and HD 7 do have some goodies that the previous generation Kindle Fire HDX lacks. We’ll look into the details of each below.


Advantages of Kindle Fire HDX over Fire HD 6 and HD 7

  • Processor & RAM – The 3rd generation Kindle Fire HDX doesn’t bear the “X” for nothing – it’s processor is faster, more powerful than the Fire HDs and it has double the RAM of the HDs. On the HDX, you can get smoother performance for games with intensive graphics.
  • Screen resolution – The screen resolution and the pixel per inch density of the Kindle Fire HDX are much higher than the Fire HDs.
  • Front-facing Camera – The front-facing camera of this tablet is 720p HD. Thus, video calling or taking selfies are better experienced here than the Fire HD tablets with VGA front-facing camera.
  • Storage choices – You have the option to get up to four times more onboard storage than the 16 GB storage capacity of the Fire HD tablets.
  • Light sensor – This ambient light sensor adjusts the contrast and brightness of the Fire HDX screen according to its surroundings. The Fire HDs don’t have this sensor.
  • Dual Wi-Fi antenna (MIMO) – This means stronger and faster wireless internet connection than the single Wi-Fi antenna of the Fire HD tablets.
  • 4G option with GPS, Compass, Proximity sensor – With the 4G LTE option for the Kindle Fire HDX, you can connect online even in places without Wi-Fi hotspots. Assisted GPS, compass and proximity sensor can help you in determining locations and directions, thus help you when you are on the road, travelling. 
  • Battery life – You can enjoy a mixed use of watching videos and surfing the web with Wi-Fi of the Fire HDX for up to 11 hours, which is longer than the Fire HD models.
  • Mayday button – This button allows you to video chat with a live Amazon technical support who can access your Kindle Fire HDX tablet to help resolving any problems you might have.


Advantages of Fire HD 6 and HD 7 over Kindle Fire HDX

  • Rear-facing camera – The Fire HDs have one 2 Megapixel rear camera that is lacking in the previous generation Kindle Fire HDX.

    Though we don’t strongly promote taking (travel) photos with your tablet, we think that the low resolution rear-facing camera may come in handy especially when you need to catch details from an object and you’re in a rush. With just a click, you can store the details to your device and look at it when you have time.

  • SlimPort enabled USB port – This probably is one of the most underestimated feature of the Fire HDs. While the USB port of 3rd generation HDX can only be used for charging and connecting to a computer, the SlimPort enabled USB port of Fire HDs can also be used for connecting to HDTV or VGA monitor, or even a thumb drive, just with a proper adapter.

    This Amazon customer review shared about this SlimPort feature and adapter that can work with it.


Who Should Get the Kindle Fire HDX 7?

Amazon created the Fire HDX both for work and play. Which is why it’s packed with a powerful processor and memory as well as the extra high resolution screen. The tablet users that can benefit from this tablet range from avid gamersbusiness professionalsmedia consumers, commuters to hard core eBook readers.

The presence of the Mayday button even extends the set of users of this tablet to the elderly, kids and others who are not tech-savvy. These people won’t have difficulty going through their Fire HDX with the help of a live customer representative from Amazon. Here is an Amazon customer review for the feature on this tablet.


Who Should Get the Fire HD 6 and Fire HD 7?

If you mostly use your tablet for web browsing, checking mails and social networking sites, occasional games and eBook reading – and you don’t care about ultra high-definition display so much, then either of these should be enough for you. Their processors are already fast enough to cater to your needs.

If you want a little bit bigger screen, better and louder audio and don’t mind the lower resolution screen and heavier weight, then you should pick the Fire HD 7. Otherwise, the Fire HD 6 is an excellent choice for portability and high screen resolution.

You can read this short Amazon customer review on how an actual user decided between the Fire HD and the HDX, for a final decision.



Parting Note: We always want what is best but sometimes equate best to ‘much and more’… But best can be less and simple… We should learn to simplify things… Consider what’s most substantial… Forget about the superficial details… Focus on what’s within…


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