Is Protection Plan for Kindle Fire and Fire HD Worth It?

September 2015 brought the release of three new tablets by Amazon. The 10-inch screen Fire HD 10, the 8-inch screen Fire HD 8, and the 7-inch screen Fire (some people called it the Kindle Fire or Fire 7) from the fifth generation of the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet series. If you have made an investment in any of the above, your next move should be to consider buying a warranty and accident protection plan to help secure your tablet. Our guide will help you decide whether you should buy the Kindle Fire Protection Plan or not.

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Kindle Fire Protection Plan – What to Consider before Buying?


The protection plan plus accident protection with extended warranties covers all kinds of accident you may encountered in your daily life such as drop, spills, normal use failure, mechanical and electrical breakdown except loss or stolen. In contrast, the original warranty from Amazon that comes with the Fire tablets won’t cover damages due to accidents like drops and spills.


Customer Service

The protection plans are provided by SquareTrade – a company well known for providing good services to her customer. It also earns high regard by the customers of Amazon.


Price of the Product vs. Price of the Warranty

As a rule of thumb, we would not recommend you to buy any warranty that amounts to more than 20% of the original purchase price of the tablet you have purchased. This rule is especially important when you are considering buying longer extended warranty (e.g. 3 years) because the price of such warranty will usually be higher.


Getting It Fixed

Another crucial point to consider is the cost of replacement. You may be able to find a repair shop for your Kindle Fire tablets, but it may not necessarily be cost effective. If you are considering a DIY or going to a repair shop, keep in mind that this may invalidate any remaining warranty time that you may have.


Your Credit Card May Have It Covered

If you have made your tablet purchase with a credit card, chances are you already have an extended warranty covered through it. Most credit card companies double the manufacturer’s warranty for the consumer if you meet their terms and conditions. However, keeps in mind that it’ll only be on the original warranty coverage of Amazon Fire tablets, which is limited to normal use failure.


Is Theft Included?

If you are looking for coverage against theft, the SquareTrade plan is not for you and you should look for something else.


Kindle Fire Protection Plan – Who Should NOT Get?

You do not need to buy the protection plan if:

  • You are great at handling all your electronic devices.
  • You do not use your tablet often, or have it as a backup to any of your other devices.


Kindle Fire Protection Plan – Who Should Get?

You need to invest in the protection plan if:

  • You are prone to accidents.
  • You travel frequently and carry your tablet along everywhere you go.
  • You plan to use your tablet for more than a year.
  • You can’t afford a new device in case something happens to this one.


You can read a few Amazon customer reviews to help yourself decide.



To sum it all up, here’s what we recommend:

  • If you are buying a tablet for kids, opt for the Kids Bundle, which already comes with the 2 years warranty.
  • If you are buying the lowest-cost Fire tablet which comes with only a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty, don’t buy the protection plan. Since the tablet is low-priced, it’s not worth to buy the plan. Buy a new one if your existing one breaks.
  • If you are buying the Amazon Fire HD 8 or Fire HD 10, and you belong to one of the four categories of people in the above section, you should buy either a 1-year or 2-year protection plan. The 3-year protection plan is just too expensive (over 20% of the price of the tablet) and thus not worth to buy.


Latest offers for protection plans for the Fire tablets 5th generation can be found here:



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